The art of constructive peer reviews


Peer-generated, targeted quality improvement on ticket handling (professionalism + technical skills), including responses and escalations


I suggest tickets from 2 separate days owned entirely by the selected TSE.

Once you've completed your rating, please leave a brief summary in the spreadsheet of review history, following the column headers (Name, summary, score, recommendations, reviewed by, review date), and add anything you'd like to communicate to the next reviewer of this TSE. This sheet may also be added to by the reviewee's manager or another senior TSE who notices something especially great or concerning about the reviewee at any time. The "score" column should be an average of the individual ticket reviews.


...mostly boil down to: be nice, be constructive, be honest.

Don't forget to call out the clear wins, for instance:

If you're going to call someone on something more contentious than spelling, try to do it constructively: "I don't think that customers understand your standard terminology for the "WSM", perhaps you could spell it out?"

Further, be sure to include the following:

Things to check for