Building and Growing Support team effectiveness

I like helping customers solve problems, and perhaps more than that, I like helping companies solve customer problems. I'm especially interested in and well versed in starting from nothing and using minimal resources with maximal effect.

I'd be excited to talk with you, your team, or your group to help hone in on the most effective efforts you and your organization(s) can make to achieve customer service goals such as:

I'm typically interested in either presenting general best practices to groups (e.g. startup incubators), or in working directly with you to address your specific challenges within your individual constraints. It's no use hearing that you need to hire a team when your budget is 0$, and there are a lot of choices to be made around how, where, and when to start using different techniques.

Talk is cheap, but I've tried to create a fair amount of value in my public writings. If you're not sure you'll find value in working with me, I'd suggest two things:

  1. Checking out the articles I've written around how to provide good customer service - which often aren't about customer service at all but about how to build your team and practices, and how to allocate resources. You can find all of them catalogued on this page of this site, and most are pretty quick reading!
  2. I usually like to have a quick, free video call to see if I can give you the sort of help you need at prices you can afford, and from there I can deliver a more detailed proposal about how we'll approach your situation and measure the effects of our work, and that proposal will include a price quote for the cost of my time/work and deliverables.

Like what you've read? I am available for consulting and presentation, please get in touch if you are interested:

Or, go back to the rest of my Supportfolio to read more about how I work and how customers and colleages feel about it.